Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Santa I did for someone else

I was not happy with this I felt it needed more I would like your honest oppinions on this just for my own piece of mind. I know the customer is always right.


  1. Debbie when I design Santa's I add hair under the Hats so its long down the back, same with the beards keeping them long, Might add a small Rusty Bell Add some Blush I use old blush make-up applying with a Q-Tip,Just a few thoughts and tips,Hope its helpfu,Felting is Art something I like to try...

    Blessings / hugs..

  2. Hi Debbie, let's see, maybe some blush on the cheeks and and I think he needs something under his hat or some wider/more substantial trim around his hat. How about a great big handle bar mustache too? Maybe a pom-pom on the end of his cap? Hope this is helpful and that your customer likes your Santa! Deb