Monday, September 19, 2011

Whew Whooo I recieved a package today!

When I came home from work I had a package waiting and I love it all could not have been better timing as today was my Birthday! Thanks to all the wonderfully talented ladies that particpated in this swap. The way too cute little scarecrow is by Cyndy,  the soooo cute little pumpkin guy is by Kookie, the really cool witches boot is by Jan, the cute little crow is by Allison, the adorable little witches hat is by Michele, and the really cute little pumpkin and is by L.L. Raggedy I am not sure who did the adorable little acorn as there was not a name on it, but it is appreciated as well!
As always comments are very welcome. Til next time happy crafting!

Here is one of the items I made from the pots.

I kinda stole this idea from my friend and co worker Cyndy. I think these little guys are just too cute!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flea Market find!

I found this awsome bench at the local flea market for a buck and a half it fits two small raggedies perfectly. I love it could not pass up such a good deal. Had to share with all my blog land friends. hope you all have a wonderful weekend or whats left of it anyway! Comments are always welcome love to read what all of you have to say.

Things I am working on!

Here are three projects I am working on at this time along with some fall decorating I am doing around my house. I will post pics of the finished product once I am done. However you can feel free to see if you can figure out what they are going to be and post what you think see if you are correct. It would be fun to see how many of you come close. Til next time happy crafting too all!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here is the one that some of you are waiting to see.

Here are some of the people for our Christmas village I have not finished the house as of yet but as soon as I do I will post a pic for all to see this is a really fun project so far.The house may be a whole other story before I get it finished.

Here is some indian corn I did to use around the Library were I work as decor.

A friend of mine grew the corn and donated it to us so the best part of this project is that it cost nothing. It was a fun project as well.

Whitch I did and taught a few others how to make her!

she was fun to make and to show others how to make because she was soooo easy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi to all, Hope every one is having a great day! I am working on 5 differnt projects this weekend not finished with any yet but hope to finish some of them today and the rest in the next couple of days so I can put pics up for all to see what I have been up to. I am excited to be working on one of the projects with some of my friends. We are trying to make a Christmas village out of clay pots. I will get pics of what I am doing soon.

Until next time prim Blessings to all!!!
Happy crafting,