Sunday, October 16, 2011

Went craft show today!

Cyndy and I met up at the craft show in orange park this am I had my hubby with me and she had her son with her. Which was good because they were good company for each other while Cyndy and I browsed. We enjoyed it found just a couple of things each about a third of the tents did not open before we left so we may have missed a real treasure in there somewhere, but they were suppose to be open at 9 am and we did not leave until after 10 am closer to 10:30. here is a pic of the gourd witch I bought while at the craft show. The witch is by Selma Carrow of Gourds Amore.


  1. Cute gourd! Glad the boys could keep each other company and outta your hair, haha. I hate when that happens... when they're not all open when they are supposed to be. I'm like you... feel like maybe I might miss out on a great treasure!